On-Page factors for Successful SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not very complex; however, it keeps on changing. That is why SEO professionals are require for keeping an eye on the latest trend and algorithm; guiding Web Designer or developer to implement SEO recommendation. That is why; business owners who have their website hire SEO professionals, even if they have in-house web developers. SEO involves numerous activities, which can’t be performed by the website developers. For an example; Off Page activities and content writing. This activity involves creating quality backlinks through various channels such as directories, articles, blogs etc.

Here are some of the On–Page activities or the SEO recommendations that are provided to the web developer to implement by the SEO experts for successful SEO.

Meta Tag Optimization: Meta tag optimization involves the optimization of Meta Title and Meta Description. These help search engine to understand the main content on your website. This data are also displayed on the search engine display result in a form of snippet. The title, Meta tag is one of the most important items on the page. The title of every page must contain, brand name, keywords relevant to the web page. Meta Description is now less important for search engine ranking than it used to be. However, it is very important because a written description is generally displayed on the search engine results page (SERP) and attract visitors to click on the link. This is what people read, when site is found on the SERP. The description should be very much relevant to the landing page, should include keywords, and should sound very natural.

Headings Tags: These are also very important as search engine bots understand about the topic and main theme of the content through page headings. It is very important that the content on the website should have the headings of h1, h2 and h3 containing main keywords. However, it is advices not to over use them.

ALT Attributes. This attributes help search engine bots to understand about the images as search engine do not under the image. Therefore, additional information is added to image through HTML code so that the bots can understand. It is very important that the all the important images should have alt attributes containing relevant keyword.

Content Optimization: The content must be written very well for the website keeping the keyword weight, prominence and frequency in mind. These parameters are studied after comparing the various factors from the competitors website.

There are many other factors that are included in Search Engine Optimization recommendations, however these are the most important and basic ones. To get the better understanding of SEO you can look for an SEO firm India and can check their SEO packages, this can help you to find the out various other SEO activities that are performed to rank the website.


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